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  • playing hockey


Hey there, future hockey stars and their awesome families! 🌟 Guess what? Curl Curl Hockey Club is rolling out the coolest thing ever – our HOOK IN 2 HOCKEY program tailor-made for kiddos aged 3 to 8! 🏑✨

We've teamed up with the pros at Hockey Australia to bring you a program that's all about turning little enthusiasts into pint-sized hockey legends. It's not just any program; it's the secret sauce to get your tiny tots swinging those sticks like pros in no time.

Picture this: giggles, high-fives, and maybe a few spills (totally part of the fun, right?). Our Hook into Hockey sessions are like a magical blend of playtime and learning the ABCs of hockey – all in one!

We've got all the gear, the coolest coaches, and a bunch of pint-sized sticks ready for action. Whether your little one is a future hockey superstar or just curious about the sport, we've got the perfect spot for them in our Hook into Hockey crew.

So, parents, get ready for some adorable hockey action on the field, and kids, get those smiles ready because we're turning the hockey turf into a playground of pure fun! Let the Hook into Hockey adventure begin

Dates: Sunday March 24th, April 7th
Venue:Voyager Tennis, North Manly
Time: 9-10am

HOOKIN2HOCKEY TERM 3 PROGRAM - coming in September 2024
For all HOOKIN2HOCKEY Enquiries email us at